Reduces Muscle and Joint Pain

In our daily lives, mucular and joint pain have been causing inconvenience and stress for a lot of people. Body Heat Pads and Joint Heat Wraps transfers heat directly to your muscles and joints effectively and easily. It also helps with reducing the everyday aches and pains in your muscles and joints.


Relieves Pressure from a Muscle Strain

Muscle strain which can be caused by excessive exercise, sudden body movement or a sports injury can cause trouble with muscle tissue damage and create intense pain.

Body Heat Pads and Joint Heat Wraps provide you with the therapeutic pain relief from your muscle strain and allows you to continue enjoying your healthy lifestyle.


Increase Blood Circulation and Strengthens the Immune System

Body Heat Pads and Joint Heat Wraps provide continual heat into your body for up to 15 hours. It is helpful with improving your blood circulation by expanding blood vessels.

For example,  hypothermia usually occurs when your body loses the ability to heat itself, which can allow the body to easily contract many diseases.

By applying the Body Heat Pads and Joint Heat Wraps, it prevents the body from dropping in temperature and strengthens the body’s immune system.

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